Vladimir Gel’man’s New Publication in the “Russian History” Journal

Political Scientist Vladimir Gel’man, an associate researcher at the Yerevan Center for International Education (YCIE), has recently published his latest article in the “Russian History” Journal, titled “Escape from Political Freedom: The Constitutional Crisis of 1993 and Russia’s Political Trajectory.” It examines how the crisis marked a significant turn towards personalist authoritarianism in Russia, driven […]

Political Scientist Vladimir Gel’man Will Wonduct 2 Intensive Courses in YCIE

Yerevan Center for International Education (YCIE) starts 2024 with several intensive courses, the most notable of which are the two courses by Vladimir Gel’man, a Russian political scientist, professor at the University of Helsinki, and currently an associate researcher at YCIE. Ahead of the spring semester, the following online courses start on February 9: 1․ […]

Summarizing the International Conference About the Greater Caucasus

On November 1-2 the international conference “Setting and Overcoming Borders: the Greater Caucasus in Regional and Global History, XVIII-XX centuries” was held in Yerevan.  In the framework of the conference, historians discussed the Greater Caucasus as a border space with many cultural, social, and political valences. The discussion revolved not only around the borders delineated […]

Open Vacancy at YCIE: Academic Director

The Yerevan Center for International Education of the European University at Saint Petersburg (YCIE/E-Center) is seeking a qualified individual to serve as its inaugural Academic Director. Qualifications The successful candidate will be a self-starter, with strong interpersonal and organizational skills, and the ability to work well with diverse international populations. Full-time residence in Yerevan or […]

VIDEO: Why Humanities Need Data Analysis (or do they)?

On August 17, the E-Center hosted Danil Skorinkin, a computer literary scholar, digital humanities coordinator at the University of Potsdam (Germany) and editor-in-chief of sysblok.ru independent media. The title of the lecture already suggests what he was talking about: after all, what does digital technology give to a person who studies humanities, literature, art or […]

What, Where, When? Briefly about Kolonitsky’s lectures in Yerevan

Last week E-center hosted Boris Kolonitsky, professor of the faculty of history at European University at St. Petersburg. He gave public lectures on historical and historical-political topics, in Yerevan.Briefly about it;On 27th May Kolonitsky presented a public lecture titled ‘’The forgotten war? The Memory of World War I in the USSR and the Post-Soviet Space’’ […]


The last week of 2022 was a pretty busy one for the E-Center. We hosted a delegation from the European University at St. Petersburg (EUSP). Olga Bychkova (Dean of the Department of Sociology EUSP, Head of the STS Center) and Svetlana Lavrova (Executive Director of the EUSP Endowment Fund, University management program director, Chairman of […]

EU press books in E-Center

We are happy to announce that we have created a mini-library at E-center. Those who are interesred in books published by EUPRESS – a publishing house of European University at Saint Petersburg, are welcome to borrow at our center. You can borrow a book for a maximum of 30 days. If you want a prolongation […]

Days of EU in Yerevan

On 1-4 June leading professors from European University at Saint Petersburg gave 30 public lectures during the Days of European University in Yerevan. For 4 days in different cultural venues and universities of Yerevan discussions on art, economics, philosophy, history, anthropology, sociology and political science were held. Among the venues were American University, Russian-Armenian University, […]