Political Scientist Vladimir Gel’man will Conduct 2 Intensive Courses in YCIE



Political Scientist Vladimir Gel’man will Conduct 2 Intensive Courses in YCIE

Yerevan Center for International Education (YCIE) starts 2024 with several intensive courses, the most notable of which are the two courses by Vladimir Gel’man, a Russian political scientist, professor at the University of Helsinki, and currently an associate researcher at YCIE.

Ahead of the spring semester, the following online courses start on February 9:

1․ Political Changes in Post-Soviet Eurasia 
2․ Methodology and Practice of Social and Political Research

The course “Political Changes in Post-Soviet Eurasia” is addressed to all those who are interested in scholarly explanations of Soviet and post-Soviet politics in a theoretical and comparative perspective. We will try to find the answers for the causes of the similarities and differences in political transformations in various countries of post-Soviet Eurasia against the background of global political dynamics

“Methodology and Practice of Social and Political Research” aims to help everyone in organizing their research in the field of social and political sciences. We will consider all stages of the research process, from the formulation of a research puzzle to the publication of scholarly articles, discuss the role of theories, hypotheses and data, and talk about formats for presenting the results of research. 

Both intensive courses are available to anybody willing to join, including students, scholars, researchers and professors, as they do not require any additional professional education.

There are two ways you can take part in the courses:

  1. Finish all tasks and obtain a Certificate of Successful Completion;
  2. Participate as a free listener and obtain an Attendance Certificate.

There is a flexible payment system for the courses, especially for students. By the way, students can also apply for a scholarship by submitting a motivation letter and participating in a competition. The most motivated students will have the opportunity to participate in the courses for free.

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