Nikolay Rudenko

PhD degree in Sociology (Saint-Petersburg State University), Research Fellow at the Center for Science and Technology Studies at the European University at St. Petersburg.

He has been involved in science and technology studies projects throughout his academic career. He defended his dissertation on ethnography at the Russian Museum of Ethnography in St. Petersburg. He was engaged in empirical research on alternative mobility, blockchain, public transport, urban infrastructures, careers of post-Soviet engineers. Currently, he is engaged in the analysis of the industry of autonomous vehicles in Russia and globally. He teaches courses on introduction to STS, methods and design of empirical research at the European University at St. Petersburg. Guest lecturer at the International Venice University.

Rudenko, Nikolay, et al. “Gender Equality Paradise Revisited: The Dynamics of Gender Disbalance in Russian Engineering from the Late Soviet Time to the 2010s.” Engineering Studies 14.1(2022): 56-78.
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